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Shopping at a market is always an adventure; there are new sights, smells, and tastes. At Take A Hike Market, we aim to create an adventure for every guest to walk through our door here in Canmore, Alberta. Adventure doesn’t only await you in the Canadian Rockies — it also awaits you right here, at Take A Hike. 




Grab and Go

Take A Hike Market is unique in our dedication to all things food—handmade, locally and sustainably sourced, and developed right here in our own kitchen — paired with our belief that spending time in nature shouldn’t mean you compromise on dining.

Our food is for all to enjoy; whether seated in our cozy market cafe, curbing your hunger atop a mountain peak, prepping a fireside meal, or entertaining at home, your relationship with our food should always be the same: defying expectations.

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Nothing great was ever achieved on an empty stomach.

There’s a lot of “legendary” in the Rockies – hikes, powder days, sunsets, adventures – so of course our food is no exception to the rule. Gather ’round and tuck in to the perfect meal to cage the cougar growling in your empty belly.



99 Problems but cheese ain't one!

We’ve got just the right stinky, squeaky, crumbly, and squishy that you’re looking for right here at Take A Hike Market. We take our homage to all things cheesy seriously which is why we source only the best of the best straight from Quebec. Pair your favourites with a hearty helping of our Canadian grass fed meats and oh so gooey but freakin’ DELICIOUS home made bacon jam and you’ve got yourself a party. The best part? We absolutely insist you try before you buy, so come on in and cut some cheese.


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We are located inside the beautiful Solara Resort and Spa. Walk through the main entrance doors, into the lobby, take a right and join us for a Canadian culinary adventure!  


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